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Steve and Kristi’s 2005 CD with some of their best known songs on it.

1. Harbor Island (dobro from Orville Johnson graces this song about working on Seattle’s Harbor Island)
2. Lillian’s World (a song for a trans friend of ours)
3. Superman’s Dilemma (humor with electric guitar solo from Orville Johnson)
4. On Fishermen (for the fishermen of Cordova, AK)
5. I Guess It’s Love
6. Go Out to Alberta
7. Wish You Were Here Waltz (sung by Kristi, a favorite in the folk clubs of the UK)
8. My Home In Washington
9. Moses
10. Outback of Bohemia (this is the favorite S&K song of many of their fans)
11. We’re Comin In



Steve and Kristi’s 2005 CD with some of their best known songs on it.

1. Harbor Island
2. Lillian’s World
3. Superman’s Dilemma
4. On Fishermen
5. I Guess It’s Love
6. Go Out to Alberta
7. Wish You Were Here Waltz
8. My Home In Washington
9. Moses
10. Outback of Bohemia
11. We’re Comin In

2 reviews for Bohemian Outback

  1. SteveKristi

    There are songs that stand out from most others — songs that speak to the archetypal within us, songs that are written and sung from the deepest parts of the
    human soul, songs that cross nations and cultures and transcend the times. The song “Outback of Bohemia” is one of these…

    The theme, while familiar, is oh-so-achingly, poignantly, unaddressed in our time…our freedom and liberty are under assault in unprecedented ways using
    unprecedented technologies.

    For me the haunting symbol of “a hurricane of darkness” draws on our intuited understanding of the maelstrom of evil sweeping through our land (and so many others).

    Yet the words, symbols, and passion of Steve Nebel’s lyrics are carried into your heart on the winds of the aural resonance of Kristi Nebel’s unforgettable voice,
    evoking the deep compassion within all of us and stoking the embers of liberty and justice, and encouraging the millions of individual ‘candles’ maintaining the
    light against the relentless encroachment of the darkness.

    D Sheresh June 2, 2014

  2. SteveKristi (verified owner)

    “I’ve listened to the album quite a bit now, and I think it’s the best thing
    you’ve ever put out. After years of assiduous study and practice, you have
    become Jim Fosso. That’s a joke, but no joke, you have become an impressive
    producer and engineer, both in your choices of arrangement and material and in
    your use of outside musicians to enhance your tracks.

    Predictably, I like the fast ones best. Harbor Island is a wonderful kickoff
    piece — Orville’s slide playing buoys the tune and the vocals are sharp and
    accurate. All of your multi-voice tracks are beautifully balanced, and the
    arangements work well. Harbor Island also nicely introduces the ambiguous
    love-it-hate-it tone that you have in a number of tracks — Lilian’s World,
    Superman’s Dilemma, Moses, Alberta, even Bohemia, all have contradictions of
    some sort as their central themes. Come to think of it, so do Love and
    Washington. Ambiguous Boy.

    At first I wasn’t sure about Superman — I like the Filucies version. But it’s
    a rock-solid track and stays in the faux-serious country vein without so much
    as cracking a wink.

    Kristi kicks butt on Fishermen — she’s got a post-modern yodel in there that
    almost sounds Alanis, but her tone is all hers. She’s also effective on
    Bohemia. Next time give her more tracks.

    Alberta is so good I wanna do it myself. The writing is sharp as a Gillette
    Twinedge. “Until the sky’s as dark as one of old King George’s jails” — yes!

    Another great line, from Moses — “The red man’s life is over./it’s just your
    life that’s not over yet.” (apologies if I get these wrong, I’m not writing a
    review here…)

    I Guess It’s Love and Washington both have a kind of John Denver feeling to
    them — but that’s not a bad thing. Denver was a pureblood folkie when you took
    off his cowboy hat, and the traditional feel of his melodies works best in
    simple campfire arrangements like yours.

    Isn’t Orville a wonder? He stitches the entire album together, almost the way
    he did on Bill Imhof’s project. But your own playing is great too — accurate
    and relaxed and right in the pocket stylistically.

    Mostly, Bohemian Outback just sounds great — smooth, clean and righteous. Good
    work!” Thaddeus Spae

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